Unden Leslie
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Location : united states, Austin
Bio : Unden Leslie is a singer-songwriter in Austin, Texas known for his creative songwriting and soulful piano playing. As a teenager, a song from The Beatles made a lasting impression. "The first time I heard John Lennon singing on 'A Day In The Life' it changed me. It's sad haunting quality made me feel less alone, understood in some way. I knew I wanted to write music that made others feel the same way." After starting piano late at age 16, he practiced hard, and eventually finished several music composition programs at Cal State University, Northridge and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Then, after a long break from music and some serious soul searching, he began working on a double album. His new album, "Alone At Night", was finished in 2019 and contains 16 original songs. Including several riveting dance songs, "Dance", and "Give In", driving pop anthems, like "Stronger" and "Anything's Possible Tonight", the beautiful ballads "Alone At Night" and "A Love Between You and Me", and a heartbreaking instrumental for piano trio, "Alone". Unden's lyrics are about personal lessons learned throughout life: overcoming hardships, not giving up, finding peace and acceptance. His influences include The Beatles, Prince, Depeche Mode, and Jill Scott. "Alone", an instrumental for jazz piano, has been well received and has been featured on several radio stations, including The BugCast and The Jazz Club.
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