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Originally founded as the blogging platform "Kuwait Music" in December of 2010, the organization underwent an intense journey that saw it promote events, music academies and thousands of artists across the Middle East. Combatting restrictive conditions, Kuwait Music found itself at the forefront of cultural change, enabling a dramatic paradigm shift via the tackling of corporate sponsors, seeding the organic development of music in schools, and ensuring that local musicians had a channel through which they could express themselves. Kuwait Music transformed the lives of musicians in Kuwait by putting them on the map, promoting their music and organizing events where they could showcase their talents to the world. The organization would eventually attract international attention through a partnership with Red Bull and by being featured on the BBC World Report. The rest, as they say, is history.

The owners of Kuwait Music have since decided to launch ENGAGE, a visitor-generated music platform driven by artists and music fans across the globe. Because we truly believe that the discovery and experience of listening to good music should be totally free.

Our Peeps



Caesar Fernandes
Founder and CEO

ENGAGE is the brainchild of Caesar, a passionate musician fortunate enough to combine his love for music with his professional craft of web development. Caesar's involvement with musicians and sound creators stretches back over a long time - from being a stagehand at the House of Blues in Chicago to transforming music in the Middle East through Kuwait Music, an organization he founded in 2010.


Caesar is responsible for spearheading ENGAGE's mission: to become the go-to platform for musicians wanting to promote their music.



Nabeel Mohan
Executive VP, Content and Artist Development

Nabeel's involvement with ENGAGE dates back to his days with Kuwait Music, where he innovated and managed a successful series of artist engagement initiatives including Online Rap Battles and Frankie and Masoud's Album Reviews, two epic segments that took Kuwait into a frenzy of online engagement and helped several artists expand their fan bases.


At ENGAGE, Nabeel drives our artist initiatives forward, ensuring all platform users make the most of the toolsets available to them. He is also an accomplished pianist and holds a degree in Music and Theology from the London School of Theology.


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