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Location : yugoslavia, Kikinda
Bio : Igor Lisul was born on May the 24th 1984. in Kikinda, Serbia. He began his guitar journey when he was 10 years old. His very first guitar had only three strings. Igor is a lefthander and plays guitar with reversed string order. He describes his genre as art rock, guitar soul instrumental or simply guitar art instrumental. Igor attended elementary music school where he learned basics of music notation, for composing his romantic guitar music. In this elementary school Igor won several home and international rewards by playing accordion. During the time Igor learned to play piano, aswell. However, Igor has chosen electric guitar to express himself. His music is based on expressing huge amount of emotions. Igor's guitar sings about love, soul, friendship, nature and all other beautiful things that heart can feel and imagine. In 2012. Igor participated as guitar background on Art market exibition in Belgrade (in june) and Renata gallery in Novi Sad (in october). Igor's guitar playing style consists mainly of refreshing, powerful and bright scales which include first of all different modes like ionian, lydian or mixolydian and warm pentatonic progressions aswell.
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